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Welcome to Spokane Accident Attorneys. We are here to help you through the entire process as you recover and heal.

At Spokane Accident Attorneys, we’ve heard from our clients about the stress, frustration, anxiety, trauma, fear, worry, and uncertainty that comes from being hurt in an accident that wasn’t their fault. You may feel the same way.

Let us take as much of the burden off of you as possible.

We know the insurance claims process can be a very confusing process. We know there are so many questions. Why did that driver hit me? What am I supposed to say to the adjuster? Did I say the wrong thing? What do I do now?

We have answers. Lean on us.

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It’s annoying being constantly called by an insurance adjuster who seems to overlook your injuries. It’s stressful being lowballed when you know you deserve more. We understand.

Our clients want to be treated fairly. They want their medical bills to be paid. They want their car to be fixed. And they want to receive a fair settlement for the time, hassle, inconvenience, and pain that they have to deal with because of an accident that wasn’t their fault.

You don’t pay us anything until we win or settle your case.

Our Process

1. Listen

From the first call, we will take the time to listen to you and learn about your unique situation.

2. Explain

After we’ve listened to you, we’ll walk you through the process of a personal injury case. We explain the different things that will affect the value of your case.

3. Advise

In just a day or two, our team will let you know if we can take your case and help you. Your attorney and your legal team will guide and advise you through the case. We’ll keep you informed. We’ll communicate. We’ll take the burden off of you so you can focus on yourself and getting better.

4. Assess

We’ll continually assess your case to make sure things are on track. We check in with you regularly so we know how you feel.

5. Prepare

As we go through your case and as you recover, we will prepare your case so we can get the maximum settlement offer for you. We’ll get insurance information. We’ll obtain your medical records. We’ll get supporting documentation about lost wages, medical bills, and repair costs. We know that planning and preparation gets the best results.

6. Negotiate

Once you have finished your medical treatment, we finish our case preparation and begin the negotiation process with the insurance company. We work with resilience as we negotiate on your behalf to get you what you rightfully and fairly deserve. When it’s necessary, we take your case to court and fight for you.

7. Care

We are here for you the entire way. We’ll get to know you. We’ll try to make you laugh. We’ll be your emotional support when you need to cry or rant. You are important to us. We want to help you get closure and move forward.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now!

Act now and contact us so we can help you. We’ll review your case and let you know whether we can help you and how we can help you. You don’t pay us until we win or settle your case.

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